Monday, November 2, 2009

And Why Were You in might ask?

About seven months ago we went on a little trip to have our first official visit with this spunky little munchkin. Not long after we took her home with us.Now it's official. Salena Lucinda Battisti is here for good, and we're so happy to have her. She's super sweet and playful. A lover of all things banana. And finally... walking!

It turns out adoption hearings are a lot easier than labor and birth. There was still a lot of waiting involved but most of the work was done by the lawyer, not me. We answered a few easy questions (like, "are you sure?") and then we were allowed up on the stand to take pictures with the judge.

Titus and Maggie had a great time since they got to skip school and go out to lunch. The babies, however, were exhausted.
So, that's it. That's the whole reason why we went to Idaho. And the whole experience confirmed to me what I always suspected: it's a pretty great State after all.