Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Enzo the Impertinent

I have some concerns about Enzo. Several times in the past month people have made a point to comment to me about how adorable they think he is. Unfortunately, the conversation goes like this:

Out of town family member: "That Enzo is just so cute. I want to take him home with me! Today when I arrived he came straight up to me and said, 'I'm angry with you. Don't talk to me!'"

Venerable branch matriarch: "Enzo is so cute. Today when I visited nursery I said "Hello" to him and he told me to shush."

Then yesterday, there was a woman with a petition outside the grocery store. She tried to engage Lena and Enzo with a cheery "Hey there little guys."

Lena smiled back with delight. New people are always new friends for her.

Enzo pulled his face into a fierce scowl and screamed, "I am NOT a little guy."

The petition woman laughed, "He is so cute!"

I'm worried that as long as he's so dang cute he's going to get away with anything. Admittedly, it works on me.


Corri said...

What a doll! And hey-- apparently he is cute and very verbal too-- that's a great combo!

Shoecrazy said...

This only confirms what I have always said about your genetically gifted children,"they could make you a lot of money, they look like they should be in a Ralph Lauren or Gap ad" Who says looks won't get you anywhere Enzo?

Honeycombs said...

It's nice to know that even though he can get away with it now from adults at some point he will go to school and the kids will put an end to it. Then he can become as sweet and nice as Titus. I am crossing my fingers that this really works because it is my only hope with Lyla.

What I Did Today said...

**laugh** Hilarious! I do tell my kids that sometimes it's a VERY good thing they are cute.